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THE SASKATCHEWAN ASSOCIATION of CONSERVATION OFFICERS (SACO) is a registered association whose members are:

  • REGULAR members who are current and former conservation officers employed by Saskatchewan Environment;
  • ASSOCIATE members who are any person who supports the objectives of the association;
  • LIFETIME members who are regular members that have retired from the department;
  • HONORARY members who are persons of great distinction or those persons that have made extraordinary contributions to the association;
  • CORPORATE members which consist of corporations or organizations that support the objectives of the association.


    1. to promote the mutual interests of conservation officers.
    2. to promote and encourage the education and training of all members in matters affecting their profession.
    3. To promote and encourage the morale of the members.


  • is administered by an executive elected from the regular membership;
  • is a voluntary organization supported through membership dues and special fund raising projects;
  • holds an annual convention for all members in various locations across the province. It also hosts annual hockey and golf tournaments;
  • awards two $1,000 scholarships annually to students enrolled in a resource technology course in Western Canada;
  • awards a $500 bursary to SACO family members for post secondary education.

THE ASSOCIATION has established SASKTIP - a rewards program for information leading to the conviction of natural resource violators.

THE ASSOCIATION initiates and supports collective and individual research projects, including surveys on night hunting, commercial exploitation of wildlife, use of dogs in enforcement work, forensic techniques, violator profiles and officer census data.

THE ASSOCIATION actively supports and is an affiliate member of the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association and the Midwest Enforcement Officers Association.

THE ASSOCIATION has financially supported the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Habitat Trust Land Fund, Ducks Unlimited, fishery and wildlife officer memorial funds throughout North America and the International Game Warden magazine.

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Forerunners of the modern day conservation officer, Provincial Game Guardians patrolled vast areas of Saskatchewan at the turn of the century. They traveled on snowshoes, or by dog train, saddle horse or team, canoes and boats, and when necessary by freight train.

Our site is dedicated to those that have gone before us, those who currently carry the badge and those that will follow in our footsteps.

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