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We are dedicated men and women who are frontline people that:

  • Enforce our natural resource legislation, including the hunting and fishing regulations
  • Apprehend violators and poachers
  • Provide natural resources education to youth and school groups
  • Monitor and manage our fisheries and wildlife populations
  • Administer security in our provincial parks
  • Manage other resource activities including forest management and protection, environmental protection, spill response, landfill compliance and many other provincial and federal statutes.

The Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers (SACO) was established in 1981. The objectives of the association are twofold; to promote and encourage the education and training of the members in all matters affecting their profession, and secondly to promote the mutual interests of Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers. Our mottos. "Serving People and Wildlife, Protecting Saskatchewan's Resources," reflects the aim of the members in maintaining Saskatchewan's natural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

SACO is a non-government, nonprofit organization that operates solely on the efforts of volunteers. Membership is comprised of active and retired conservation officers and other natural resource law enforcement personnel both inside and outside of Saskatchewan. SACO is affiliated with similar officer organizations throughout North America.

Projects undertaken and funds raised by SACO are used to promote and support a variety of wildlife and fisheries programs in Saskatchewan, particularly habitat protection and research projects. SACO financially supports:

  • Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Habitat Trust Land Fund
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Fishery and wildlife officer memorial funds throughout North America
  • The International Game Warden Magazine

Other SACO initiatives include:

  • Sponsors two $1000.00 annual educational scholarships for students enrolled in a post secondary renewable resource course
  • Provides a $500.00 bursary to members and their families for post secondary education
  • Provides support to memorial funds for officers who are killed in the line of duty throughout North America
  • Administers an Officer Relief fund which supports families during loss of members or member's spouses
  • SACO also publishes the "Saskatchewan Game Warden Magazine" twice annually to promote awareness of natural resource law enforcement
  • SACO has established SASKTIP - a rewards program for information leading to the conviction of natural resource violators
  • Proudly introduced the "Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs" program into Canada
  • Actively supports and is an affiliate member of the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA) and the Midwest Enforcement Officers Association

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Forerunners of the modern day conservation officer, Provincial Game Guardians patrolled vast areas of Saskatchewan at the turn of the century. They traveled on snowshoes, or by dog train, saddle horse or team, canoes and boats, and when necessary by freight train.

Our site is dedicated to those that have gone before us, those who currently carry the badge and those that will follow in our footsteps.


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