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SASKTIP INC. requires your assistance in the apprehension of the people responsible for the following resource violations. A cash reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the individuals involved. Anyone with information about this crime should contact the provincial Toll Free Turn in Poacher Line at 1-800-667-7561. Calls are not traced or recorded in any way and callers may choose to remain anonymous.

White-Tailed Buck Shot and Left Near Denholm
Conservation Officers received a TIP call on January 8, 2012 that a white-tailed deer buck had been shot and left to waste in a stubble field south of Denholm, Saskatchewan. Officers have collected some evidence at the scene but are requesting the public's help in solving this case.

Mule Deer Buck Shot and Left Near Cabri
On November 29, 2011 a mule deer buck was shot and left to waste on the Bratten Ranch approximately 18 miles north west of Cabri, Saskatchewan. At the time there was no season for mule deer bucks.

Cow and Calf Moose Shot and Left Near Rapid View
On November 28, 2011, Meadow Lake Conservation Officers received information through the Turn-In-Poachers Line that a Cow and Calf Moose had been shot and left to waste. The Moose were shot 6 miles West of Rapid View, Saskatchewan between 4 and 5 pm in an open pasture. It has been determined that these Moose were also shot within 500m of an Occupied Residence.

Cow Moose and Two Calf Moose Shot Near Raymore
Sometime during the early morning hours of November 19, 2011, a cow moose and 2 calf moose were shot and killed in a grain field located approximately 8 miles southeast of Raymore, SK. The individual or individuals responsible for this act removed the hind quarters from these animals and left the remainder of the carcasses to rot in the field. At the time of the incident there was no open season for moose in the area. These are serious violations affecting Saskatchewan's wildlife resources.

Two Bull Moose Shot and Left Near Pelly
On November 16, 2011 Conservation Officers in Duck Mountain Provincial Park received a TIP call about 2 mature bull moose that had been shot and left approximately 5 miles NE of Pelly, Saskatchewan. The moose were only about 100 yards off the grid road and left to waste. It is believed the incident occurred on the evening/night of Tuesday, November 15, 2011. Some evidence was collected at the scene.

Two Moose Shot And Left Near Buffalo Narrows
On October 12 and 13, 2011 two reports of moose shot and left were received by Buffalo Narrows Conservation Officers. One incident occurred on the North end of Frobisher Lake near Pete's Bay. Officers attended and confirmed that a calf moose was shot and left. No attempt to retrieve the edible meat was made. The second incident occurred on the North end of Churchill Lake just North of Grey Bay. Officers attended and found a calf moose was shot and left. In this case a cow and calf moose were shot, only the cow moose was taken. No attempt to retrieve the edible meat from the calf was made. It is believed both of these incidents occurred between October 5 and 12, 2011 and may be related.

Gill Net Left In Churchill Lake
On October 17, Conservation Officers in Buffalo Narrows received information that a gill net had been left in Churchill Lake. The officers located the unmarked net that had not been checked and were unable to salvage any of the 59 Walleye, 7 Northern Pike, 1 Whitefish, 59 Suckers, 5 Burbot (Mariah) and 1 Cormorant was tangled in the net as well. It is unlawful to abandon, waste or spoil any fish.

Whitetail Buck Shot Near Smeaton
On November 6, 2011 Conservation Officers received information that a white-tailed deer was shot and left North of Smeaton, SK. The whitetail buck was shot on land clearly signed NO HUNTING and within 500 meters of occupied buildings. The head and antlers were taken and the rest of the deer was left to waste. Conservation Officers are requesting public assistance on any information concerning this incident.

Five Moose Shot Near Gronlid
During the early morning hours on October 6, 2011 two bull moose, one cow moose, and two calf moose were shot in a field near Gronlid, SK. The moose were dragged behind a willow bush where they were field dressed. One bull moose was removed from the site and the four remaining moose were left to waste. An older white truck and an adult male and female were observed at the crime scene. The public's help is needed to solve this case.

Moose Shot and Only Tongue Removed Near Southend
On Sunday October 2nd, 2011 Conservation Officers in Southend received a call about a dead moose in the bush near Km 56 on Highway 905. Officers located the carcass of a moose just inside the tree line off the road. Only the tongue was removed and the rest was left to rot. The moose is believed to have been shot between the dates of September 22 - 27th, 2011.

Mule Deer Beheaded and Left to Rot near Unity
On Friday September 23, 2011 Conservation Officers received a TIP call regarding a headless deer found approximately 4 miles SW of Unity, SK. Officers located the headless mule deer in a stubble field; the rest of the deer was left to rot. The animal was killed with a rifle and no rifle seasons were open for mule der at the time. Some evidence was located and Conservation Officers request public assistance with this case.

Dock Stolen at Pagan Lake
Sometime between July 15th - July 17th, 2011 the dock at Pagan Lake (also known as Little Jackfish Lake) was stolen. This aluminum-framed dock is 5' wide c/w cedar decking, and is 40' long with an 8' extension. This campground is located approximately 15km north of the Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. on Highway #903. The approximate cost for replacement of this dock is $6000. This recreation site receives heavy usage by families with children, and this boat dock at the boat launch is a necessary feature. Theft in our parks threatens the integrity of our park system and place a huge financial burden to the operational cost of maintaining and providing services for park users.

Pelicans Killed Near Lanigan
On June 22, 2011 Humboldt Conservation Officers received a TIP call regarding four dead Pelicans on the south end of the dam at Dellwood Reservoir 15 miles southwest of Lanigan. Lab results show that the Pelicans were shot. The previous year in May 2010, three Pelicans were found dead at the same location. Conservation Officers are asking for the public's assistance in locating those responsible concerning this incident.

Forest Fire At Meadow Lake Provincial Park
On May 14, 2011 at approximately 11:18pm a forest fire was reported to Pierceland Conservation Officers. The fire was burning along the north side of a trail about 50m east of known party spot in the area of Inspiration Point (also known as Bear Point) in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park, near the Big Island Cree Nation. This fire is separate from the fire that was started by fireworks and extinguished in the vicinity. This fire spread and grew to approximately 2648ha and threatened nearby residences.

Forest Fire Near Wollaston Lake
At approximately 4:00pm on Monday, May 30th, 2011 a forest fire was started near Wollaston Lake, one and a half km west of the community of Wollaston Post. It has been determined that this fire was human-caused. This fire spread rapidly and posed a threat to the safety of the residents of Wollaston Post. The community of Wollaston Post was evacuated as a result of the danger from the fire.

Three Whitetail Deer and a Fawn Killed Out of Season Near White Fox
On May 7, 2011 Nipawin Conservation Officers received information that three whitetail deer and a fawn were shot out of season and left to waste 10km north of White Fox. Upon investigation Conservation Officers believe the deer were shot on May 5, 2011. The vehicle driven by the suspects had large tires with aggressive tread possibly BF Goodrich Krawler T/A tires. Conservation Officers are asking for the public's assistance in locating those responsible concerning this incident.

Several Mule Deer and a Red Fox Killed Near Kerrobert
On Wednesday March 30, 2011 a call to the Turn In Poacher Line reported several deer had been found dead at the "Grad" Barn on the outskirts of Kerrobert, SK. Conservation Officers from Kindersley attended the scene and determined that at least five mule deer and one red fox had been shot there over a short period of time and left to waste. This crime was committed beside a busy highway, near houses and children, and posed a high risk to public safety. Physical evidence was recovered from the scene and the public's assistance is requested.

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