The department Honour Guard was formed in February of 2005 when ten Saskatchewan Conservation Officers completed their initial training under Corporal Bob Peever of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Corporal Peever provided instruction in basic drill movements, colour party and flag bearing movements, funeral honour guard movements, flag folding and saluting. At that time there was also discussion of Honour Guard uniform components and the group chose, through consensus, the Honour Guard uniform that they now wear. The Honour Guard uniform is slightly different than the normal dress uniform and is used to differentiate members of the guard from other uniformed staff.


Honor Guard Presence

                                                                                    Conservation Officers attend:

Our attendance demonstrates departmental professionalism and respect to the Law Enforcement community. In addition, the presence at the funerals of Conservation Officers or other Law Enforcement Officers is a demonstration of individual and departmental respect for the deceased, as well as a showing of sympathy and compassion for surviving family, friends and community. In the past, the department has never had a dedicated group of officers that could be called upon at a moment’s notice to formally represent it at such events, however, that has now changed and the members look forward to representing their peers and the department as the need arises. The contingent is hopeful that other officers will look upon their Honour Guard with a sense of pride and will step forward to serve with us as the unit evolves over time.

It is with great pride that the members of the Ministry of Environment Honour Guard serve 


It consists of an Honour Guard Supervisor, a Commander, an Officer In Charge and Regular Officers. The Honour Guard Supervisor is responsible to act as overall supervisor and to coordinate all official events, activities and training. The Commander, designated by his white lanyard, facilitates all formal training, oversees members while on parade and calls all cadences as well as ensuring uniforms and equipment are kept in good order. The Commander is also the contact with regard to funerals. The Officer In Charge or OIC serves on an “as needed” basis when the Commander is unavailable and leads the Honour Guard for the length of the specific detail. The Regular Officers of the Honour Guard are required to be knowledgeable in drill, colour party movements, flag folding and a host of other duties.

It is with great pride that the members of the Ministry of Environment Honour Guard serve their fellow officers, department and province.