Spouses and dependents of SACO Members (Regular, Lifetime, Honourary and Associate) in good standing (last year’s dues paid at last SACO Convention) are eligible to apply for an annual bursary of $500 if they are currently enrolled at a recognized post-secondary institution and have already completed at least one year of study. If you have applied for the Murray Doell Memorial Scholarship or the Art Haugen Memorial Scholarship you are not eligible for the SACO Bursary.


Applications for the SACO Bursary will be available after May 30th and will be accepted by the Awards Chairperson until the deadline. Applications will only be accepted on the form provided by the SACO Awards Chairperson. Please ensure the application is filled out completely, incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applications will be reviewed and rewarded in the following order:

  1. Regular uniformed member, spouse or dependent
  2. Regular member, spouse or dependent
  3. Honourary member, spouse or dependent
  4. Lifetime member, spouse or dependent
  5. Associate member, spouse or dependent

The selection committee is comprised of the Vice President, Awards Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson and Secretary. In the event of a dispute the Awards Chairperson will have the final decision. If there is a conflict of interest among the committee, the member in conflict shall be replaced by another member of the SACO Executive. All applications will be kept confidential and reviewed only by committee members.

The Bursary will be awarded prior to September 1st. Only the successful applicant will be notified. If you have any questions please contact the Awards Chairperson.

Past Recipients

2021- Jayda Egeland

2020- Shaunesy Diemert


2018- Johnathan Stolz

2017- Clayton Switzer

2016 – Kelly Switzer

2015 – Sydney Diemert

2014 – Breann Andrychuk

2013 – Tracy Walzak

2012 – Bryce Stan

2011 – Samantha Bihun

2010 – Amber Provencher

2009 – Blaise Wilson

2008 – Jaret Engele

2007 – Taylor Provencher

2006 – Benjamin Bodnaryk

2005 – N/A

2004 – Stephanie Danyluk

2003 – Andrew Webster

2002 – Dustin Bodnaryk

2001 – Kyle Weinberger

2000 – Robin Edwards