Justin Knackstedt Memorial Award

On Friday, May 31st, 2013, Saskatchewan Conservation Officer Justin Knackstedt was fatally struck by a motorist on Highway 11 at an accident scene south of Saskatoon while assisting RCMP with traffic control. Justin was posted in Saskatoon and was on duty at the time of his death. The Annual Justin Knackstedt Memorial Award was created in honour of Justin. This award is administered by SACO with a focus on a Law Enforcement Individual or Agency who have gone above and beyond to assist Conservation Officers in Saskatchewan.

View Justin’s full tribute and others on our Officer Tributes page.


  • Nominee does not have to be a Saskatchewan-based Individual or Agency.
  • Retired individuals may be considered at the discretion of the Awards Chairperson.
  • Nominee must have shown outstanding dedication or support to Saskatchewan Conservation Officers (this could be very broad in scope, e.g. file support, resource sharing, etc.).
  • Nominee must be committed to building and maintaining inter-agency relationships.

To submit a nomination or for more information contact the Awards Chairperson.



2019 – US F&W agent Darin Brandenburg

2018 – Turnor Lake RCMP Detachment

2017 – N/A

2016 – N/A

2015 – Saskatoon Police Service

2014 – Saskatoon RCMP