Greg Kuny Memorial Labour Service Officer of the Year

Greg Kuny was a Conservation Officer who lost his life on August 1st, 1994, after a long battle with cancer. At the time of his passing Greg was on definite leave from the department at a posting at Geikie River in the Wollaston Lake district. Greg exemplified the dedication and professionalism of the Conservation Officer in Saskatchewan.

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  • Awarded to a Labour Service Conservation Officer
  • Both the nominating officer and the nominee must be members of SACO in good standing
  • Nominee must have demonstrated a genuine desire to protect Saskatchewan’s resources and develop professionally
  • Exceptional ability, initiative and dedication in the performance of their duties, including public education, must have been shown by the nominee
  • The nominee must be respected by their peers and the public
  • The nominee should not have worked as a Conservation Officer more than 5 years based on seniority earned at the Conservation Officer level. Awards Chairperson will have final decision on overruling this point if needed
  • The recipient of this award shall be considered as the Saskatchewan nomination for the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Torch Award

To submit a nomination or for more information contact the Awards Chairperson.


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