The SACO Team Building Award

 is given out to support staff for their many years of service within Saskatchewan, and assistance to Conservation Officers throughout Saskatchewan, through dedication, valued input, hard work, opinions, direction, support and other contributions that they have provided.


  • One award is given out to each stream annually.
  • Call for nominations go out in early January.
  • Nominations are accepted from Conservation Officers who are members of SACO in good standing.
  • If there are no nominations in one stream the Awards Chairperson may pick two from one stream.
  • Nominating officer must describe in detail why the nominee is being nominated. This would include job related duties, but highlight the way that the nominee assists Conservation Officers.
  • Recipient will be invited to the annual SACO Convention and given 2 free tickets. No other costs will be provided.


To submit a nomination or for more information contact the Awards Chairperson.

Past Recipients

2024- Becky Blanchette,  Brandon Holmen,  Shelley Schnell, Makwa Lake Provincial Park Staff

2023- Swift Current Compliance Area Customer Service Representatives (Jaymie Freeman, Mattea Almond, Shelley Blyth, Twyla Callahan and Laura Reid)

2022- Carla Chadwick

2021- No Applicants

2020-  No Applicants

2019 – Marleen Rinholm, Tangy Laird

2018 – Sandra Jensen

2017 – Virna Kraska, Merc Hyggen

2016 – Bonnie McRae

2015 – Jack Lee, Stony Rapids Fire Base

2014 – N/A

2013 – Gwen Dyck, Joyce Woodward

2012 – Garry Dyck, Barb Kowaliuk

2011 – Brenda Kelly, Janet Kawa

2010 – Sandra Frolick, Nick Crane

2009 – Dianne Doerr

2008 – Cathy Shiells

2007 – Myrna Greenley

2006 – Ira Elderkin, Bernie Lamb

2005 – N/A

2004 – N/A

2003 – Pat Mahoney

2002 – Gary Prada, Gary Hudy

2001 – Paul Rumancik, Jacquelin Ambler

2000 – Darcy Lockman, Barry Strickman, Gertie Mazil

1999 – Barb Nagy

1998 – Joan Hagley

1997 – Bub Sabean

1996 – Bill Greggins, Jackie Starling

1995 – Ernest Murray, Carol Flett

1994 – Brian Galger, Brenda Schnell