Wally Kost Memorial Whitetail Deer Award

On January 24th, 1997, a very tragic event happened within the Department of Environment and Resource Management. While conducting a Whitetail deer survey near Marsden, Saskatchewan, a single engine Cessna plane crashed and killed pilot Breton Thomas, Wildlife Biologist Wally Kost and Conservation Officer Kevin Misfeldt.

The annual Wally Kost Memorial Whitetail Deer Award was established to honour Wally and his outstanding work. This award is open to all department staff.

Special thanks to Mr. John Mulhern for graciously donating the trophy.

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  • Send your application to the Awards Chairperson (email: awards@saco.ca). Applications must be received by January.
  • Applicants must submit a score sheet completed by a trained Henry Kelsey Scorer. The score sheet must include the hunting licence number and a photograph of the antlers.
  • All animals must be harvested in Saskatchewan under the authority of a valid Saskatchewan Resident Hunting Licence.
  • Applicants must list the method used to harvest the whitetail deer (e.g. rifle, muzzleloader, archery). Entries will be evaluated based on method used and score of antlers based on a minimum record book requirement for particular method. Contact the Awards Chairperson for more details.
  • There is no fee to enter.


2019 – Phil Decker

2018 – Kevin Harrison

2017 – N/A

2016 – Brendon Smith

2015 – N/A

2014 – N/A

2013 – N/A

2012 – Micheal Banks

2011 – Dean Olson

2010 – N/A

2009 – N/A

2008 – Micheal Banks

2007 – Curtis Lee

2006 – Dean Grisdale

2005 – Steve Dobko

2004 – Kelly Kovar

2003 – Micheal McMurray

2002 – Ryan Reimer

2001 – Bill Miller

2000 – N/A

1999 – Calvin Fiala

1998 – Brant Seifert

1997 – Brant Seifert