Kevin Misfeldt

was born on February 11, 1959 in Melfort, Saskatchewan, and lost his life while on duty in an aircraft accident on January 24, 1997. The accident occurred along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border when the aircraft went down while Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management personnel were conducting white-tailed deer surveys. The department pilot and regional wildlife biologist also died in the accident. Kevin loved being a Conservation Officer. He loved God’s creation and lived to protect it. He tried to ensure other people he dealt with appreciated it as well. Kevin was an educator. He did many school visits. He enjoyed talking with children and never missed an opportunity to educate a young hunter in the field. Kevin was also a very level headed officer. He was able to stay calm in a stressful situation, whether it was dealing with 200 men on the fire line, a forest fire raging out of control, or an angry hunter or landowner. He was always level headed.


He defied human nature by thinking positively rather than dwelling on the negative. He was active in his church and he taught Sunday school regularly. His faith was important to him, as it was to his family. He was a kind, patient and gentle man. Kevin was a good husband, father, son, brother and friend. He lived for his wife Tarena, and their children Brent, Jostein and Karena. His life was a blessing.


He had a passion for hunting and was a very knowledgeable and skilled hunter. He would know what field to hunt, what bluff to push, where the game would come from and what time it would show up. Kevin’s family and friends always looked forward to his hunting stories. He would cover every aspect of the hunt without embellishing the story. He was so excited about the first moose he shot with his bow, that by the time he was done telling the story you could close your eyes and visualize the hunt yourself. Kevin didn’t waste his life. He rarely missed an opportunity to say a kind word or do a good deed.