Lee Murray

was born on January 16, 1935, and passed away on January 14, 1991, from a heart attack while on duty conducting wolf trapping operations on snowmobile in the Dorintosh District. He commenced working with the Department on May 30, 1966, in the Dorintosh District. In his 26 years there, he came to know the district inside and out. Lee Murray was the perfect example of a career patrolman and he influenced a great number of new Conservation Officers over the years. Lee was respected by the staff he worked with and by the local people in the area as someone who knew his job and who did it well. He enjoyed doing enforcement. It was extremely difficult for a hunter or fisherman to pull something on Lee. On a few occasions Lee had to pursue some individuals on foot. No one ever got away from him as he was renowned for his stamina and strength in the bush.








Lee’s family was important to him and on many night patrols he would talk about his family and bringing them up by Waterhen Lake. Many people were influenced by Lee Murray over the years. A lot of officers have left Dorintosh District and were replaced, but Lee Murray will never be replaced. Lee Murray was Dorintosh District. Lee was a special friend and a unique individual and will be dearly missed.

Lee Murray was also very experienced in the suppression of forest fires. He could always get the fire crews to do their best and everyone was more comfortable on a fire when Lee Murray was around. Lee Murray was also known for his practical jokes, and in his 26 years with the Department many newly hired Conservation Officers felt the brunt of Lee’s practical jokes. Lee was seldom caught with his guard down and only on a very rare occasion would a joke be pulled on him. Lee made his work fun and it was contagious to the people he worked with Lee’s desk was easily picked out by the depth of paper on it. He spent as little time there as possible as his true love was working outdoors. Whether it was doing wildlife surveys or elk hunting patrols Lee exhibited that extra spark that showed everyone he was doing what he really enjoyed.